• Joanne Vanden Avenne -SS2013

    Voilà un aperçu de l'été 2013 de Joanne Vanden Avenne.

    A découvrir et à "shoper"dès que possible en boutique...

  • Défilé des Petits Riens - Novembre 2012

    Cette année le défilé SECOND HAND SECOND LIFE des Petits Riens a émerveillé le public venu très nombreux. Au fil du temps cet événement attire les meilleurs stylistes et les jeunes espoirs du moment. La mise en scène, les musiques et les vidéos nous ont plongés dans une ambiance digne des plus grands défilés.

    Le montant récolté sera utilisé pour financer la nouvelle maison d'accueil pour jeunes sans-abri des Petits Riens.

    Voici le final, juste pour vous donner envie d'être présent l'année prochaine....Clin d'œil

  • Maison Deco -Scandinavian Design


    Cathrine Saks is a Danish jewellery brand located in the of Copenhagen


    Cathrine-LOT2.jpgCathrine initially began making jewellery as a hobby. She was inspired by the discovery of her father's toolbox, andrun by playing with different colours and materials, shebegan to create jewellery from raw nuts and coloured ribbon. The bracelets and necklaces was handed out to friends, and within a few months the jewellery received a lot of attention and Cathrine began to produce and sell them to stores all around Scandinavia.

    The idea is to challenge more people to wear bright colours, and these simple, colourful jewellery will quicklyand easily update an otherwise basic and trivial outfit. All of our products has been hand crafted by artisans in Copenhagen, Denmark, and provides its owners with a unique piece of jewellery.












    MaisonDeco www.maisondeco.be-

    T BE: +32 485 775 609-T DK: +45 40 77 68 22







  • News for Delphine Boël


    ART Miami 2012 |

    D e l p h i n e

    Expos and happenings:

    Art Fair

    Art MIAMI 2012. 4 - 9 December.
    Delphine has been chosen as a featured artist for the ART Miami Special Public Project curated by Julia Draganovic, Claudia Löffelholz, and Elena Forin. She will be represented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

    For more information go to:
    Solo Expo

    " Talking to the Deaf "
    11th November through 2nd December 2012
    Gallery Wo-Men in Fine Art
    45 Wolstraat, 2000 Antwerp Belgium

    T: +32 475 25 14 02
    F: +32 3 203 08 00
    Open: Thursday to Monday from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m. or by appointment

    Below: "There is Nothing as Strange as Humans" 2012 by Delphine 150 cm x 150 cm. Acrylic Paint on Canvas.
    Copyright © 2012 Delphine Boël All rights reserved.    

  • Another success in the kitchen for HI-MACS®

    Kook’ and ‘Karan’: the exclusive kitchens designed by Karim Rashid for Aran.

    The merger of Karim Rashid's futuristic vision with the extraordinary properties of HI-MACS®, the latest-generation acrylic stone, has given rise to Kook and Karan, two kitchens manufactured by Aran Cucine, remarkable for their ultimate originality.


    ®Image credits: Valter Baldan
    Design: Karim Rashid
    Kitchen models: K
    ook, Karan
    Aran Cucine


  • Axel Vervoordt | Exposition d'hiver 2012

    kanaal.jpgEXPOSITION D’HIVER

    23, 24 & 25 novembre 2012
    30 novembre, 1 & 2 décembre 2012
    vendredi de 14 à 20h, samedi et dimanche de 14 à 19h

    Axel Vervoordt, Kanaal

    Visitez le projet: a city in the country
    Présentation du livre: à la table de May
    Stokerijstraat 19 2110 Wijnegem
    www.kanaal.be www.axel-vervoordt.com

    Axel Vervoordt Gallery

    Takis – The Fourth Dimension
    Vlaeykensgang Oude Koornmarkt 16 2000 Anvers

    Axel Vervoordt, Kanaal Stokerijstraat 19 2110 Wijnegem Belgium

    Tel. +32 3 355 33 00